Maryland State Car Inspections

Maryland State Car Inspection Shop

$85 For Passenger Cars 

Here at Jacob's Autorama we use the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to inspect your car per State of Maryland Car Safety Inspection requirements. All inspections are performed by ASE certified Master Technicians who are certified by the State of Maryland.

Here's How The Inspection Process Works:

Once we inspect your car, either your car passes or fails. If it passes, we issue a certificate on behalf of theState of Maryland, and your next step is MVA to complete the process. If it fails the inspection, we then give you the list of required repairs and an estimate to repair them on the spot. You can have us make the repairs, or you can go to any repair shop of your choice. Once the necessary repairs are complete, you then return your car to us for re-inpection. A re-inspection fee of $35.00 may be required if another shop has performed your repairs. If we perform your repairs there is no additional inspection fee since we can vouch for the work first-hand.










A Note On Tinted Windows

State of Maryland requires the tint on all windows of a standard sedan vehicle allow more than 35% light through. Per state requirements, we measure light through-put on all windows. If it is less than 35%, that is a failure point and the tint must be removed to pass the inspection. For SUV's and Trucks, only the front windshield and two front door windows must pass the requirement. Rear windows are not required.

All non-factory custom tint require tint measurment. There is an additional tint fee of $25.00 applied if your vehicle has non-factory tint applied on window surface.

To arrange an inspection for your vehicle feel free to give us a call.

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