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Give Your Old Car New Life With Our Engine Repair or Replacement

What do the automotive experts and the people who operate large fleets of cabs, trucks, buses and cars do when their engine is giving them trouble?  They don't replace the vehicle, they either replace the engine or repair it.  You can do the same thing and save a lot of money.

Why Replace or Repair That Old Engine?

Consider the cost of a replacement engine versus the cost of a new car.  In some cases, you could literally be saving yourself a car in excess of $5,000. Safely utilizing the care you already own and maximizing its life is hands down the smartest financial decision you can make between the two.

What Are My Engine Options?

Here at Jacob's Autorama, we offer factory remanufactured engines, rebuilt engines, quality low mileage used engines as well as professional engine repairs. We are one of the most experienced engine installation centers and engine repairs shops in the Rockville and greater Washington DC area. Consider us your absolute first choice for professionally installed car engines and repairs for any make and model.

Remanufactured Engines

Remanufacture engines are finely tuned using the latest equipment and are produced and tested in specialized factories.  Every remanufactured engine is completely dynamometer tested, and oil pressure, compression and vacuum are recorded and compared to match standard specifications.

Before leaving its plant, every remanufactured engine is dynametered at carefully controlled speeds, temperatures and loads.  This "run-in" as it is known, is equivalent to breaking the engine in under careful highway operation and helps rings to conform to the cylinder walls, bearings to adjust to the crankshaft, and the lifters to mate without gailing.  The benefit of this "run-in", is that a remanufactured engine is ready to operate under full load and top-efficiency the moment it is installed.

Used Engines

Here at Jacob's Autorama, we are a part of a large used engine network and have access to low mileage used engines both foreign and domestic. As with remanufactured engines, every used engine goes through a series of tests and checks which allows us to eliminate many of the typical current or future problems that are often associated with an older engine.

Engine Repair

Many of today's engines are very expensive. Replacement of the entire engine in certain situations may not be cost-effective. When this is the case, we can rebuild or repair your existing engine at a tremendous savings for you. We have over 30 years of experience in this process, and regularly perform this type of work for clients ranging from insurance companies and dealers to large fleet owners and private owners of every make and model of vehicle.

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