Don’t Forget Your Spring Auto Tune-Up

Spring Vehicle Tune-Up Checklist

With winter now behind us, it's time to get your car in tune for the warmer months ahead here at Jacob's Autorama. One stop at our Rockville, Maryland Auto Repair shop and we'll have your vehicle purring again in no time. Let take a look at the spring tune-up hot buttons we always want to check after coming off of a season of ice, cold, and potholes:

The Suspension Is Killing Me

Hey, nice lane assist technology! Too bad your steering components might be damaged and compromising it. The cold weather and road salt wreak havoc on bushings and rubber seals exposed in the undercarriage. This can cause loose linkage and ineffective suspension. Check for extra play underneath, as well as shock absorber condition which can take a beating from all those fresh potholes.

Watch Those Tires!

Speaking of potholes, give your tires a once over because they suffer too. Check for rim damage, irregular wear and tread depth. Remember that rainy season is around the corner, and you want to go in prepared.

Swap Out Those Wiper Blades

Ah yes, the rain. You’ll also want to make sure your wiper blades are in fighting condition. They can often become damaged cleaning off sleet and ice and end up doing a better job smudging than clearing. These are easy to replace and make a huge difference.

Sensor and Electrical Connectors

You might have all the latest gadgets and assists and auto-everything and cameras galore, but they aren’t going to be good for anything unless you take care of them. Much like suspension components, these components (many of them sensors) and electrical connectors suffer mightily from salt and freezing temperatures. A dirty sensor isn’t going to do its job properly and a corroded electrical connection is going to cause all sorts of gremlins and misreadings to pop up. Do yourself a favor and give these a visual inspection and make sure they’re clean.

So Clean, Clean

While you’re at it, clean everything! Inside and outside alike. Getting all the grim off will stave off rust and premature wear to components, and at the same time, you’ll be able to get a better look at any potential problems. And cleaning your car’s interior will improve air quality before mold has a chance to take hold.

Brake Time

Assisted braking and ABS are literal lifesavers, but brake components can corrode and rust, and rubber lines and seals can be compromised resulting in leaks or brake fluid contamination. Check calipers for smooth piston movement, rotors for rust and pads for thickness. Peek in the master to make sure your fluid doesn’t need to be topped off or flushed.

Light Up

Now’s also a good time to make sure all your headlights, taillights, parking lights and turn signals are working as expected. Bulbs are another easy fix that make a huge difference. Not only are they integral to safety, but it can also help you avoid getting pulled over.

Spring checks might not yield a ton of extra work to be done (let’s hope!), but it’s important to do a vehicle tune-up before small problems grow into something big.

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